Trust God, He will make it Happen

Every family has a story. And for some couples, the story of building a family comes with more obstacles than they’ve expected. And our story goes with them.
Our wedding day

In the year 2016, we started to build our family. Just like other couples we always talked about our future including having our own baby. But little did we know that we will be struggling in making this dream a reality.

This struggle leads me to questioning God why Her, not Me? every time a friend of mine got pregnant or whenever I watched the news about aborting or abandoning a child.

Trust God, even when it hurts.
Trust God, even when it seems unfair.
Trust God, even through the tears.
He knows. He is working on it.
Your heart will feel better soon.

I always cry every time i pray, because I pity my husband, I pity myself and because I am lonely, I feel hopeless and helpless that it feels like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown.
But then, after feeling my sadness and crying my heart out, I acknowledge that God had a plan. And we just have to lift our worries to God and trust Him, that soon He will make it happen.

I am writing this blog right now not to discourage every couple who’s also struggling to conceive but to give hope and reminder that there is God, all you have to do is trust HIM.

Thank you for reading. Let’s keep going… It’s hard and sometimes overwhelming but trust him. He will make it Happen…

Published by shielaagulto

32, Housewife, TTC for 5 years.

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